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Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game developed by Supercell and was first published in 2012. It’s been 7 years and Clash of Clans are still played by millions of players around the world both for iOS and Android. The game is well-known for its multiplayer game mode of where you can build an army, join a clan, and attack other player’s villages. The main tasks of the game including managing resources, battling and participating in Clan Wars featured in multiplayer PvP.

Clash of clans mod apk is a freemium mobile ios and android game which allows the player to experience the social elements of the game through extensive multiplayer mode. There, you can battle with or against your friends, exchange or transfer resources, and so forth. These social elements and stunning gameplay have driven it to the top in the App Store and Play Store with positive reviews. This article is about the clash of clans cheats 2018 including the gameplay, resources, features, and other elements of the game.

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Clash of Clans' gameplay is about building a village and running civilization with population and realist-military master plan. Common activities include farming resources, building an army, architectural works, defending your fort, attacking other villages, expanding your area, joining a clan, participating in Clan Wars and so forth.

There are various buildings which cover different elements of your village but some of them are locked. You can unlock them as you level up and soon, you’ll develop your underdog village into a strong and intimidating fortress. You need to be patient as Clash of Clans isn’t a session-based RPG like Warcraft or Starcraft. Fortunately, you can access and manage your village easily through your phone anytime.

That’s why we called as “realist” because to some extent, attacking or being attacked is inevitable in the Clash of Clans’ universe. At this point, there is a sense of survival but in a slower paced gameplay. Don’t get it wrong, the battle could be very competitive amount 99999999 with hacks for Clash of Clans. The battle requires a strategical approach and is a benchmark of your current progress. The worst scenario is, of course, when you lose your castle.

In other hands, allegiance is required if you want to attack larger village which apparently has a higher league or simply participate in a Clan War. You need to level up, upgrade your buildings and troops to have a greater chance of winning the battlefield. It’s a fully online multiplayer game, the alliance is formed by you and other players available. As soon as you’ve built an alliance and set up an attack, you’ll know why this game is titled Clashed of Clans.

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As previously mentioned, the clash of clans hack ios and android is majorly about resources which include Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir. They’re consumed majorly for upgrading your troops and developing your village into a fully armed and armored fortress. All the resources are stored in the storage buildings. Since it’s resources are the vital element to progressing up, you need to protect and strategically posit the storage buildings commonly in the middle of the settlement. It seems an unwise decision to place it near the fort as it can be accessed or destroyed easily when other villages attacking.

Earning Resources

There are two major in-game methods to earn resources including farming and looting. Earning sources including gold, elixir, and dark elixir is inevitable since you’ll use them individually or collaboratively to develop your troops. The terms could be misleading each other but you’ll know the differences below.

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Like most strategy games, COC requires you to collect resources to develop your progress. You can earn major resources by performing “farming” which is operated by farming troops which are different from your army troops. Farming troops perform normal attacks to collect resources. So, don’t get confused if you can’t find casual farming activity. To some extent, farming performance and earnings are quite fair and basically no pay-to-win. However, compared to the earlier version of the game, 2018/2019 clash of clans download apk make grinding through farming harder.

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If you’ve built strong enough troops, you may consider attacking other villages. There will be some resources available to loot especially Gold and Elixir during the raid. The amount would vary for each head-to-head sessions depending on the clashed Leagues. If you’re attacking a village with a higher league, then you’ll get more looting resources but if it’s a lower league, then you’ll get less Gold and Elixir and so forth. I think it worth to use coc hack online generator. It gives you a lot of benefits and you also can gain unlimited gems hack tool.

However, it’s not always about attacking the higher-leagued villages since the winning chance is lower than if you take down the same or lower-league players obviously. Sometimes, it’s wiser and even more effective if you raid the weaker villages if you have a mission of farming with looting.  Large loots are available in Clan Wars, of course, if your clan wins one.

In-App Purchases

However. If you to advance your gaming experience or to speed up things, you can buy the resources with real money through in-app purchases. You won’t get lost as COC platform reminds you with every ad of Elixir special offers which sometimes popping in your screen. The gem is the premium currency of Clash of Clans cheat codes redeemed through in-game purchases.


Clash of Clans features isometric 2D graphic likely to accommodate a wider scope of RPG experience in your handled device and it actually works. In other hands, the animation’s FPS can be set high and provide you with considerably smooth movement. The designs of troops, buildings, and the landscapes are okay since we can’t expect too detailed appearances but they’re quite distinctive each other. Some updates have advanced the overall graphics experience but stay at some point where even devices with low specs can play it.

Game Control

All controls are on your screen and the major context control is about deployment and directing your troops to the targeted area. It requires some time to achieve accurate funneling and deployment especially when you’re targeting specific structures in your opponent’s area. Controlling your troop is key to a successful attack so it should be noted that you’ll still have to direct and redirect them after the deployment. To some extent, your screen size sensitivity also affects your control. Well, control could be an issue especially if you’re deploying troops to attack multiple structures. However, you’ll be a control pro soon after several battles.

Game Modes: Multiplayer and Single Player

Clash of Clans is well-known for featuring multiplayer game mode where players around the world(region to be exact) can develop armies, join clans, and attack other players’ villages. Multiplayer mode features the social elements where you can join your friends’ clans or even attack their village. It’s still arguably but the ongoing Clash of Clans multiplayer mode covers most regions in the world.

In other hands, the clash of clans cheaters also has a single player mode offering the same gameplay. Instead of battling against real players, you’ll face AI-powered goblin troops or invade ones in the single-player mode. There will be tens of missions or levels to complete in the mode where you need to attack the AI villages which casually increase difficulties for every mission.

Your progress seems to split into these two different modes. Multiplayer mode is the most popular one and the major factor to millions of downloads. The two modes offer distinctive experience since the multiplayer mode is rather unpredictable and put you into a more realist universe and to some extent, more thrilling. However, if you want to enjoy casual RPG games, the Clash of Clans single player mode is quite addictive.

Clash of Clans Cheats Features

Clash of Clans is a well-developed strategical mobile game with decent gameplay. Supercell has successfully provided “advanced” features following the hype of RPG and PvP concept. Some Features in Clash of Clans which make the game played around the world including but not limited to:

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Clash of Clans offers a strategical gaming experience of where you can create civilization situated at a world of deterrence. You’ll have to manage your resources well to build structures, secure your area, develop your armies, and go battling. Each player will have their own strategies of when they join a clan or goals they want to achieve. Sometimes battling is inevitable but in other times, you may spend more time in building your village, improving your defense. Battling is one of the major gameplay elements where winning or losing is a chance. Supercell provides an interesting feature where you can replay the battle you’ve been through. This way, you can learn your opponents’ strategies or evaluate yours so you can improve your strategies for the next battles.

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PvP experience has never been boring as you’re not only attacking your opponents but you can also raid and loot their resources. The android and ios clash of clans cheats for gems and unlimited coins allows you to conveniently join an alliance for a greater raid or battle. Battling in multiplayer mode is very dynamic and competitive while it also benchmarks your current progress. Each PvP battle wouldn’t be the same, say goodbye to boring RPG. You have tactical control on your troops including setting a target of where they have to deploy to. It allows you to apply a wider battle strategy and take advantages of the current dynamics to provide responsive attacks or defense. Following the battle frequencies, you’ll soon learn and master effective tactical controls.

Clash Of Clans Mod Apk On Ios And Android

Clash of Clans features isometric 2D graphic likely to accommodate a wider scope of RPG experience in your handled device and it actually works. In other hands, the animation’s FPS can be set high and provide you with considerably smooth movement. The designs of troops, buildings, and the landscapes are okay since we can’t expect too detailed appearances but they’re quite distinctive each other. Some updates have advanced the overall graphics experience but stay at some point where even devices with low specs can play it. Also, you can test the clash of clans hack and download ios app 2019.

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We use the latest data security. It is not possible for your account data to get into the wrong hands. Each user's data are encrypted so even if the database is stolen, no one will be able to read the data. There are many troops with different stats and designs can be used to farm and/or attack. These not only help you to effectively recognize each tier but also enliven your screen as they clash in a battle. As previously mentioned, there are always chances of both winning and losing. Losing is a scenario where your village is destroyed by your opponents.

The good news is that you won’t have to start from zero. Even with a great loss, you’ll still have major building standing but you may have to develop your troops and revamp the fort again. If you’re playing single player mode, AI-powered goblins would be your enemy. It replaces the traditional “versus computer” both in term and gaming experience. They follow the battle escalation and performs more dynamic, humanized attacks and defense. You can’t underestimate AI players in Clash of Clans. Supercell also likely advance the AI through updates.

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