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Clash of Clans’ Matchmaking: Who You Will Fight in The Clan War?

Clash of Clans features multiplayer battling experience through fair matchmaking and we call it “fair” for strong reasons. It’s not a trophy war but War Weight calculation where the game calculates the overall strength of your Clan and finds a closely even opponent. The Weight War takes comprehensive aspects into account for matchmaking. So, it works differently than the Mobile Legends’ 5v5 matchmaking system which only takes seconds to complete. For the same reason, matchmaking

Clash of Clans Basic Building Defenses: Archer Towers, Canon, and Mortar

Clash of Clans features gameplay where you can attack other villages and loot resources. While you’re assembling your troops, you can’t leave your own Home Village defenseless as other villages can attack you as well. In the Clash of Clans universe, the slogan “best defense is the best offense”. You need to gear up the buildings on your Home Village with Archer Towers, Mortar, and Cannons. You can perform Gear Up to establish defenses in